Why It Is Important to Monitor Cooling Tower Nozzle Performance

6 May 2016
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Some owners of industrial cooling towers think that the fill is the most important part of the cooling tower because it provides a medium in which hot water cools. However, other cooling tower parts are equally important. This article discusses why it is very important for you to ensure that the nozzles are working optimally.

Prevention of Scale Buildup

Nozzles that are working effectively distribute water evenly over the fill material. This well distributed water keeps the fill wet so that effective heat loss can take place. When nozzles are not working optimally, such as when they are clogged, some parts of the fill will be dry at some points in the cooling cycle. This intermittent drying of parts of the fill will make minerals in the water to precipitate and form scale. As scale builds up, it will become hard for the water in the cooling tower to lose heat to the surrounding atmosphere because the scale has occupied the space that the water should have occupied. Consequently, your equipment will run hot because the water circulating within it is hotter than it should be. Regular maintenance of nozzles prevents this damaging scale buildup.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Nozzles that are working at their highest performance level help to keep energy costs low. This is because those nozzles spray a fine mist of water over a large surface of the fill. That fine mist loses some heat to the cool air even before it touches the fill material. Consequently, efficient cooling tower nozzles can enable you to run fans at a slower speed without affecting cooling tower performance. Slow running fans use less energy than fast moving fans. It is therefore in your best interest to ensure that you replace or repair defective nozzles so that you keep your energy bills affordable.

Effective Drift Eliminator Performance

Drift eliminators reduce water loss from the cooling tower by capturing any water droplets that are in the warm air that is rising from the cooling tower. Nozzles that produce very fine mist particles make it hard for the drift eliminators to capture those tiny water particles. Nozzle performance monitoring is necessary so that a correct balance is maintained between avoiding large water droplets that hardly lose heat to the air and very fine mist that escapes through the drift eliminators. Poorly maintained nozzles work at one of the extremes, which is, producing large droplets or generating a very fine mist.

Invite providers of cooling tower maintenance services so that those experienced professionals can assess the performance of the nozzles and other cooling tower components. You will receive advice about needed spares so that your cooling tower maintains a high level of efficiency.